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Monday, August 11, 2014

"Emergency" Henna

Hi there ladies!

As some of you already know, I'm Indian and I love henna! I usually make my own henna paste and "cone" at home but this was the first time I bought a cone from an Indian store in the US. I used to bring cones from India back from vacations but I haven't done that lately so I thought hmm why not buy it from here? I am pretty sure though this was NOT Indian henna.

At first when I started applying it I noticed that it was actually hard to squeeze the henna out. It took much longer than usual and it got to the point where my hand had some parts that were dried already and I wasn't even done! The drying process was *super* quick and the "henna" didn't actually rub off like normal. It created its own stringy, lacy layer that I peeled off. My absolute favorite part of this was how quick the color showed up. It was almost black but mostly dark brown (which is never normal right after applying henna) and I was surprised that it took just minutes for a color like that to show up. For those of you who don't know, henna usually turns orange first and then gets darker... especially if you take it off that quick. This made me realize this wasn't pure henna but I went ahead with it since I was at the point where taking it off wasn't possible because it had already stained my hand.

Anyways, a week and a half later, I have some photos of the after effect... I have sensitive skin so this might just be me but my hand had become extremely dry. Lotions helps but for now I'm waiting for all the dry skin to come off so the dye is out!

Here is how my hand looked right after the henna was done. 

This is how they looked yesterday.

Bottom line.... use it at your own risk! For "emergency" henna, it completely makes sense why it is this way because it darkens in minutes and is great for parties or weddings when you don't have time to sit with henna on your hands the night before. For recreational use, I don't think I would use this again soon because of the dryness on my hands.

Have a great Monday! 


  1. Oh the dryness is bad! Thanks for this review!

  2. It really dryed your hand! That's too bad, because t looked beautiful :)

  3. I am very sorry what happened with your hand. I hate when products are bad quality ones! Beside your beautiful henna model I noticed your beautiful nails. You should post nail designs too, I am sure your very talented!
    Thank you that your always live me kind comments on my blog! Have a lovely day!

  4. Nice post,kisses.

  5. oh :( thank you for the review!
    kiss kiss

  6. omg!!! so sorry about that :( we def have to be very careful with this things!!

    Discover my blog and get inspired...

  7. OMG!!! It was beautiful, but what horror .... I hope you find a lotion to your hands ...
    Kiss. V.