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Friday, August 29, 2014

Benefit Fakeup Concealer Review

Hi everyone!

I am writing a short review on a new product I just tried this week. I never really used concealers before this year because I had never noticed my under eye circles (even though I'm in my early 20s!) but I really wanted to try this concealer and it has given me great results! I have medium-tanned skin so I got the medium shade.

This was a sample size and I'm sure after this runs out I'll go buy the regular sized one. You can get this free sample from Sephora this month if you are a beauty insider by the way! =)

Here is a list of what I liked about this product:

  • It is really to apply and blend. I usually use a make up sponge to blend my "concealers" or "highlighters" if they are in a creamy form but I was able to blend this in just as well with a make up brush. 
  • It gave natural-looking light under my eyes making my face looking bright and awake. I love the coverage!
  • It definitely is hydrating like it says on the package! 
  • This one is just my personal opinion but I LOVE the smell of it! It's not like a perfume or anything but I liked that it smelled like good make up when I applied it to my face.
  • It doesn't look caky or feel heavy on the skin. It's pretty light for every day use.
  • NOT greasy on my skin even though it is a moisturizer as well.

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That's about all I can say about it for now since I've only used it a few times. Feel free to ask me questions about it or just comment if you have used it as well! 

Also, thank you for your responses on my previous post!! I love getting to know my readers! 


  1. It sounds like a great concealer! I' d love to try it, I have to go to sephora!

  2. I'm always hearing and reading wonders about this concealer :D