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Monday, September 15, 2014

Sephora FREE Makeup Classes

Hi everyone!

I apologize for not blogging as often (again). Work has just been getting so crazy. Hopefully this month is easier and I can blog more.

I spent my last 2 Sunday evenings at Sephora learning their secrets and tips on makeup AND trying new products. This is the best thing for beginners because you get to learn these things that took me multiple youtube tutorials to learn. I am not being paid for this review or anything; this is just to share my enthusiasm for what's out there and how useful it can be.

So far I only attended two classes. I wanted to try the highlight and contouring one but before that I went to the Flawless Foundation class. Some of us might think foundation is such a simple thing and that it requires no beauty expert to do but I was shocked to see how you can actually make your face look so flawless without even putting so much on your skin. The class was small so I got my own beauty coach to help me and she found THE PERFECT shade for me. They will test your skin color IQ (I think that's what it's called?) and it'll give you tons and tons of options of different brands and type of coverage to choose from. I saw some girls trying out designer (yes, $60+ foundations are designer to me) but I decided to go with the Sephora brand just so I could buy it later someday if I really liked it. Here's a little secret about this class, you get to obviously do foundation but you ALSO do a little bit of highlighting and contouring!! This might be because the class I went to was small and the one-on-one attention allowed more time for the extra steps but I was really excited about it.

(Sephora's color IQ!)

My second class (which I was really looking forward to) was the highlight and contouring class. This class was bigger and overall I felt like I didn't get the same attention as I did in the first one. This might be because I worked with multiple beauty coaches and didn't really do as much as I did in the first class. This does NOT mean that it wasn't fun or that I didn't learn anything. I think the trick here is to just talk with your beauty coach and let them know what exactly on the face you want to highlight and what you want to "contour" or push back others' attention from. The plus point of working with more than one beauty coach is that you get different feedback from each one. Whether it's how they contour and highlight or their preference over which brushes work better, it's worth your time if you really want to learn from the experts. It's interesting to hear what others think about these products and you get better "reviews" before buying them. Another thing that I loved about these classes was that there is NO pressure for you to buy anything. My first beauty coach even recommended certain brands that you can buy that are affordable and do the trick. I was just really excited that both times I went, I got to use BRAND NEW Sephora brush kits. These are things you normally wouldn't get if you just went for a normal visit so it's definitely worth trying out. The kits are not available for sale but they do sell the brushes individually. I ended up buying different brushes from different stores so I'll be doing a review on them in the near future! One of them was a brand I actually wanted from what I saw online and I REALLY wanted it after my beauty coach recommended I buy it.

So... if you live in a city where Sephora does classes, go ahead and give them a try!! You might try a product you thought you would've never tried otherwise or you might just learn some helpful tips even if you think you already do your makeup perfectly. The best part is that the classes are free!! So is the makeup. If you are unsure of buying the full size product or if you have sensitive skin (like me) you can ask for samples so you can see if the products don't react on your skin. =) It doesn't get better than that!! Leave me comments or questions if you have any.

EDIT: I found out that some YouTube and Instagram celebs do these classes as well (because they work at Sephora)! Yesterday I got to see makeup of one of the celebs!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!