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Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Hi everyone!

Thank you so much for the warm and honest words in your comments in my last post. I love getting feedback from my readers! It feels good to know that others are on the same page as me when it comes to friendship.

Today I am writing about gratitude. I got this idea from wanting to express my gratitude to my readers and also because it is Veteran's Day here in the US. I'm not going to preach by saying "count your blessings" or by reminding you that "there are people in worse situations than you" because I admit, that doesn't always help when someone is trying to feel better. It's always easier said than done as some of you may already know. This post is not going to be about how to show gratitude to others; it'll be more about your inner gratitude towards yourself and your own life.

Last week was tough for me emotionally because it was hard to be grateful for what I had in my life. I kept seeing other people's success more than my own. I think the first and best way to deal with those feelings is by letting time calm you down. Sometimes you just need to let your own brain deal with it until it finally gets tired and decides to rest from the topic. Eventually, you forget the problem that was bothering you once because you acquire newer memories and feel more grateful for the new experiences you have.

I hate being competitive but I grew up with a twin and an older sister... all the elders in my family ALWAYS compared us and it is now engraved in my head to always try to do better than others. If you have had similar experiences, try not to let this get in your way and use it as a positive strength just to make yourself better and stop comparing yourself to others. If you set your mind to become better than you were yesterday, you'll notice your focus is more on you than others. With that said, appreciate yourself and more importantly, forgive yourself. If you didn't reach your goal, that's okay. You tried your best and will continue trying until you get there.  If it still isn't working out, try doing something different. This doesn't mean you have to give up. It means that you put your talent towards something where it will be more useful. Doing that will help you get more confidence and peace with your inner self.

Do you have techniques that help you feel better about yourself? Is there a certain way treat yourself and appreciate yourself? Please share ideas if you do!

Be sure to come back and view a couple of more henna photos! Have a great week everyone!


  1. I don't have sisters or brothers and maybe because of this I never feel in competition with someone and I appreciate what I have usually. When I am down, I am talking with my friends and that helps!

  2. Theres always a moment when we dont feel good with ourselves, it happens a lot to me at work when i see someone getting promoted, a person that doesnt even deserve it as much as others, but i always try to think that theres always a reason for things. I try to think about the good things I have in my life and enjoy the most i can what i have.

  3. We all have those kinds of moments. But I think we start to feel better onde we learn to just let it be :)

    R: Of course I don't mind.
    It cost 7,99€, if I'm not mistaken :)

    Thank you for your comments sweety!