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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tokyo Milk French Kiss Lotion

It's like dipping your hands in heaven!

Hi everyone!!

Today I am going to write a quick, short review on a product that I have been in love with since last fall. I am not a huge fan of lotions only because some make my hands feel too greasy and then I touch my *sensitive* skin on my face and it's just not that fun. For me to find a lotion that smells good, doesn't react to my skin, and that is moisturizing was not an easy task. I found this lotion through working at the parent company for 2 weeks and tried out almost 100 of their perfumes, soaps, and lotions... it was pretty exciting to just smell their luxurious products everyday for 2 weeks until I got the opportunity to purchase one. I had a few favorites but ended up buying only their Tokyo Milk French Kiss lotion. 

I'll get to the actual product in a bit because I have to say I adorrrre their packaging. Compared to most other lotions and even perfumes, this product looks extremely luxurious and it's just so beautiful!! If you do buy it, you won't want to throw the box away!! The lotion tube and the box both have the Eiffel Tower on them (which I would love to see in real life someday!) and the box also has a very "royal" like interior with the patterns and crown. Okay now let's talk about the product inside... This lotion not only moisturizes my skin enough to make them soft and not greasy, the smell of the lotion is like heaven! It's extremely girly and if you like flowers or exotic smells, you would love this lotion! Another thing I loved about this lotion is that the smell still stays even after washing my hands. I had no idea that the company was this popular at the time but you can find this product at SO many places in the US and at a bunch of websites online. If not this specific lotion, you'll find a different fragrance that you'll love. Most of their products just look so beautiful from the outside, you'd want them right away! Try it out for yourself and leave comments on what you think!!

If you have favorite lotions or perfumes, write them down in the comments! 


Thank you for reading and have a great week! 

Also please keep an eye out, I might be changing my blog name and layout sometime!! I just need to set some time to get myself to do it!! 

*I was not paid to do this review*


  1. I didn't know this brand, but I do like your description and packaging! I usually use products/lotions, perfumes from my favorite brand Yves Rocher. They are made from natural products and does not contain any harmful ingredient!
    I am very curious about your new blog layout!

  2. I was bought this last week, is rather nice!