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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Funny Airport Story

Hi everyone! 

I have a short funny story to share with you all. It's more of a learning lesson but we tend to make mistakes while traveling and being in a rush so I thought it's worth sharing.

This starts when I was returning from studying abroad. My host city didn't have an international airport so I had to take a train to the city with the international airport. My train ride was early in the morning and I didn't really have time to have breakfast since I had stayed up all night packing (and being all emotional). In the morning, I took out all my bread and cheese and my last banana that I had left from the refrigerator and left the dorms. I ended up eating most of my bread and cheese on the train and put my banana in my coat pocket. While being all emotional again, I forgot to eat my banana and boarded the flight after some luggage size arguments with the airport staff. All that almost made me miss my flight so I had completely forgotten I still had a banana.
When I had finally returned to the US and was waiting for my suitcases, a customs dog came and sniffed everyone's purses and backpacks. I held my coat and let the dog sniff everything assuming I had nothing to hide and the dog started acting strange while sniffing my stuff. Being scared, I told the customs lady I had European chocolate and some cheese but nothing else. I didn't even remember my banana in my coat pocket!! She searched everything I had and finally found the banana. I just stood there being embarrassed while everyone in that section of the airport just stared at me. It was truly embarrassing because I was getting the wrong type of attention. We all know how bad it can be if you're the center of attention at an airport! I had to go through a separate line from all the other passengers and had to hand my banana to an officer. They took it out of my hands with gloves on and put it in a dangerous looking bucket with "Hazards" written over it. 

So my learning lesson was to not forget what you're carrying while traveling and make sure you have no fruits or veggies with you. If you do, you'll end up paying a hefty fine unless you can prove to the officers that you truly forgot and were meant to eat it before boarding your flight! 

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  1. I am really sorry about what happened to you, thank you for sharing we can learn from this post to be attentive!