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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A smoothie a day

A lot of us have been taught about the food pyramid and some of us have tried to follow it. Although health researchers have updated the food pyramid, it's still hard to get the portions of everything that is recommended for us. Personally, I have a hard time following it with my fruit portions. Unless I have somebody cut the fruits and make a fancy fruit salad for me (like my mommy used to), I won't even remember to have any fruit in my daily diet. Now I'm going to share a yummy smoothie recipe that you can probably have every day without getting bored of it. I won't share the exact amount so fruits to add because I have different preferences and I normally don't measure everything but you can mix it up and add whatever you like and however much of it! Plus, you don't have to add everything listed in the same time!

  • Strawberries - known as a must have in any smoothie
  • Blueberries - healthy even in small amounts
  • Banana - usually I would have half a banana to get that taste in
  • Blackberries - I recently started adding these in because my fruit pack comes with it
  • Kale or Spinach - I don't always add this but most of the time you can't taste it so it's a good way to get it in your system without having to cook it
  • Cantaloupe - this wasn't my idea but it definitely gives your smoothie a sweet taste that can hide any other bitter ingredients you might be adding
  • Grapes - sometimes add a color or sweetness depending on the type of grape 
  • Pear - my rare smoothie ingredient but I love pears a lot to sometimes eat them raw so it works
  • Raspberries - not my favorite but I know others like this ingredient a lot
  •  Water, milk or yogurt for the blending

Add comments if you have additional ideas for a smoothie that tastes normal and is healthy. I like a smoothie that doesn't have too much of a certain fruit that hides the rest of the flavors so please share your ideas! 


  1. I love smoothies or fresh juices. Unfortunately last year I had cancer and the juices and a firm diet helped me a lot! So I love your recipe mixture, but I usually avoid to put yogurt in my smoothie! I recommend you to put pictures in your post, even if they are not yours, you add the source where you took them. This way the post will be more impressive!

  2. I have been wanting to try a smoothie like that for ages. Maybe I'll give your recipe a try :p

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  4. I will try to do this amazing smoothie!! Kisses

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