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Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Hi my beautiful people!

I am finally back to blogging and it has been LITERALLY over a year! Wow! Soooo much has happened since last year. Some good things and some bad things of course, but let's focus on the good! I was extremely distracted by things going on in my life that I never felt the energy to blog again until now. I definitely did miss it and my fellow bloggers!

Since this is also a TRAVEL blog, I am going to focus on a trip I took recently. It was a cold, yucky February and with Valentine's day almost coming up, I booked the most spontaneous trips  just 3 days before flying to Cancun, Mexico! I had no idea what I was getting into but all I knew was, I needed to get away from here, Without much time to prepare and shop, I think we did a decent job at getting ready for our amazing trip. I had a few flash tattoos left and some new summer clothes that I was dying to wear so it was perfect! We flew directly to Cancun and stayed at an AMAZING villa. I had never, ever, ever seen a beach with white sand and turquoise water in real life and it felt like a dream come true when it finally happened. There was literally a moment when I fell to my knees and just touched the sand to let the thought sink in that it was really happening! I finally know what a warm beach feels like! Just in case anyone is wondering, these photos are of the Hotel Zone area only! Enjoy photos of our villa, beach, and our helicopter ride! (Photos are NOT edited by the way and click on them for a larger view!)

Thank you for coming back to my blog! I hope to see you soon! 


  1. This looks so dreamy!!

    xx Bianca

  2. Welcome back, hun!
    Such amazing place you visited, great photos!

  3. it must have been exciting booking a vacation on a spur of a moment thing! you know somethimes best things really aren't planned!

    I love your photos from Cancun, Mexico...such a gorgeous location it is. The sea looks magical!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. OMG. The photos are breath taking beautiful and I am sure you spent a wonderful time there. The villa and the beach looks like in movies. Gorgeous place!

  5. Nice photos :)
    Maria V.